This teddy bear is made by Steiff, a long-established German teddy bear manufacturer, and was released in 2020.

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Steiff Replica Teddy Crown 1926


Material:mohair(Pure hair of Angora goat)

stuffing:wood grain

(※No built-in squeeker)

Release in 2020
(world limited edition:926体)


In the 1920s, teddy bears dressed as clowns were all the rage in Europe and the United States, and the original teddy clown of this bear was such a big hit that the Steiff factory sent out 30,000 of them in two years, from 1926 to 1928.


The tipped mohair is beautiful with brown dyed ends.


Double brown and black glass eye.


The nose is embroidered vertically with black embroidery thread.


The mouth is embroidered with the character for “eight” and looks a bit troubled.


He has little cute ears.

button in ear

Steel underscored buttons, the same as those used at the time, are attached to the ears.

(This red tag means “highly collectible”!)


Pads of light beige felt.


He has long, thin arms, a characteristic of traditional teddy bears.


It is embroidered with three claws in black embroidery.


He looks a little melancholy.

back view

He has a small back.

chest tag

It is a trademark of Steiff.

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This bear has a very graceful appearance, and we treat it like an antique in our home, yet I think its adorable, slightly troubled expression adds to the bear’s charm.

Besides, this bear looks great with tipped mohair dyed brown at the ends and a dark blue bonbon, and I’ve never known blue and brown to go so well together.

Steiff has many kinds of teddy crowns on the market, but this is the first time I’ve welcomed one, and I’m instantly hooked on its charm♪